il pizzaiolo (il. pit.sai.yo.lo) is the Italian term for the pizza maker. Owned and fronted by Francesco Deni, he will share with you his passion for the genuine Neapolitan pizza.

The menu is simple and classic with strong Italian influences. The aim is to showcase and produce pizza the way it was intended in the tradition of artisan pizza masters, with utmost respect for the science behind the method and using only quality ingredients.

At il pizzaiolo, the specialised dough is made according to traditional ingredients and technique. Together it is baked for 90 seconds at 485 degrees Celsius in a stone oven with a wood fire.  When cooked, it should be thin, tender and fragrant.

Not all wood-fired pizzas are created equal. The proof of this pizza is in the eating.

About Frank

Frank has successfully been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years.  With great anticipation from all who know ‘Frank’, he is proud to open il pizzaiolo, his vision since his early beginnings.

To refine his expertise in the art of Nepolitana pizza, Frank travelled overseas to gain exclusive certification from the VPN Association (Association of Vera Pizza Napoletana) or the Association of True Neapolitan Pizza. Il pizzaiolo brings the “denominazione di origine controllata (D.O.C)” or Certificate of Origin Neapolitan pizza home to Melbourne, for you to experience and enjoy.

About VPN

The VPN Association safeguards and promotes the culture of the real Neapolitan pizza worldwide. The aim of the VPN Association is to promote and protect the reputation of the artisan Neapolitan pizza and its members.