Sharing with others An.ti.pas.to means “before the meal”. Traditionally it is the first course of an Italian dinner and is enjoyed with drinks prior to the meal. The antipasto platter is perfect for 2. It includes a selection of quality Italian cured meats, buffalo mozzarella and marinated vegetables.

The main: Order a pizza each and sample each other’s whilst enjoying it with matched wines and beers.

Don’t be afraid, math will ensure you get your fair share.

The Pizza theorem: If you’re sharing a pizza with another person, there’s no need to cut it into precisely equal slices. Make four cuts at equal angles through an arbitrary point and take alternate slices. You’ll both get the same amount of pizza.

Pizza Theorem


Don’t like sharing?

Thin, fresh and flavoursome. Your twelve inches of pizza is perfectly sized for one. Accompany this with a salad and dessert if there’s still room.

La dolce vita

Enjoy your tea or coffee with a selection of traditional Italian sweets.


Carefully selected beverages can be recommended to match every aspect of your meal.